Sri Guru Raghavendra Teertharu

Sri Raghavendra Swami Brindavana at Srirangam has a special significance that he stands here by the side of his own Pontifical Putra (immediate succesor) Sri Yogeendra Teertha. Sri Raghavendra’s Aradhana celebrated at Srirangam can be taken as though Sri Yogeendra himself performs this Aradhana of his Guru.

Sri Yogeendra Theertha, Sri Sumateendra Teertha and Sri Upendra Teertha Swamis werre successors of Sri Raghavendra. These three saints entered Brindavana At Srirangam. Another saint Sri Muneedra Teerthar’s Brindavana is also situated in the same premises.

If you stand facing Sri Raghavendra’s Brindavana At Srirangam, There are three Brindavanas to your right in one row (in the open). The first (i.e. next to Sri Raghavendra) is


  1. Sri Yogeendra Teertha, the next is
  2. Sri Sumateendra Teertha, the third is
  3. Sri Upendra Teertha
  4. Sri Muneedra Teertha’s Brindavana (also in the open) stands separately as the rear of the buildings on the    western side. His details are not know.

The premises where these Brindavanas are situated is a spacious open area, surrounded by calm, cool and shady coconut Tope, on the banks of the Caveri Canal. Unpolluted (or atleast not yet fully polluted) by the din and dust of the outside urban monotony, the entire surroundings look like an ideal Tapo-Vana. With the huge Aswatha and Mango Trees Extensively branching alround with dense foliage, the Brindavana premises at Srirangam presents a thirilling atmosphere to any visitor.