Sri Yogeendra Teertharu (1671-1688)

Amongst the disciples of Gururaja, three grandsons of his poorvashrama elder brother were prominent. Considering Venkannacharya of them as most deserving, Sri Gururaja bestowed sanyasa and named him Yogeendra. Vasudevacharya and Mudduvenkatakrishnacharya, the remaining two disciples adorned the peetha subsequently. Yogeendra was great scholar, intellectual. It has already been cited earlier that Venkannapant had re-conveyed the village Mantralaya to him. After his entered the Brindavan, Yogeendra made proper arrangements for regular poojas of Brindavan, stayed there for sometime and left on a tour. He defeated kakashastri and others in debates at Bhagyanagar. As Gururaja had moved away from Southern region, the swamiji went towards that region. After having darshan of Sri Vijayeendra swamiji at Kumbhakonam, he came to Srirangam. The pilgrim of Srirangam was then under the administration of the Nayaks of grandson of Thirumalanayaka, son of Vishwanathanayaka and with tradition of the reverence, his ancestor had towards Mahasamsthan, he gifted a village 'Arambhanna' on the river tamraparni and Kalla Mutt lying to the west of Chitra street in Srirangam on the most sacred day of Akshaya Thritheeya in Siddharthi Samvatsara (1679) dedicating it to Lord Krishna. Having got a suitable place to reside at the most sacred place like Srirangam, Yogeendratheertha settiles down there itself and reached eternal abode on the tenth day of Magha Shuddha in Vibhava Samvatsara.

Courtesy : GURU CHARITE The original article in Kannada is by Dr. H.K. Vedavyasacharya Translated by Sri H.V. Pavamanacharya & Sri S. Ramaswamy

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